Quality Statement

Quality over the international standard. The quality of each of our Qvalitas Plvs Vltra Fetal Bovine Serum products is consistently over the accepted international standard

100% own production. Because we never buy raw serum to slaughterhouses or local producers, often small laboratories of low quality. The batches of serum of these local producers, once purchased, many times become unpleasant surprises, and the only way to “fix” them to be marketable is to mix them with serum of better quality until they become “acceptable”.

More “fetal” FBS than others FBS. Because of this direct management of Fetal Bovine Serum production on its source, allows us to train our slaughterhouse technicians in the systematic bleeding of the smallest foetuses or younger fetal age foetuses, which is a highly important aspect since, considering the factors that promote cellular growth, blood is richer in such early fetal age than in foetuses of older age or “already-developed”. It is harder to practice cardiac puncture to bleed in early fetal age foetuses, but it results in a much higher cellular growth promotion capacity.Bio-processing like in a race against time. Because of this direct management of Fetal Bovine Serum production on its source, it allows us to operate under the principles of the HACCP System, to get a maximum of asepsis and a minimum of protein denaturation by processing the whole blood within the following 8 hours after the collection.

In summary, being our mission to supply Qvalitas Plvs Vltra Fetal Bovine Serum, our policies of manufacturing are ruled by the principles of:

Quality Assurance.

Quality Control by Testing.

Guaranteed Traceability Documentation.

A System of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP.

Our policies of storage, worldwide distribution and general managing of our line of Qvalitas Plvs Vltra Fetal Bovine Serums, follows the concept of Total Quality Management.

• Production Process / HACCP System

In compliance to the international requirements and E.U. regulations 1069/2009 and 142/2011, our production process is performed under the principles of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System(1).:


The processing time is a critical variable that needs to be minimized or kept under control, because the protein denaturation and the endotoxin generation increases as the processing time dilates, causing a lower cellular growth promotion capacity.

Our aim is to produce Fetal Bovine Serum prefiltered sterile within eight hours, since the blood collection at slaughterhouses until processing it at laboratories. This process is shown graphically on the following diagram:

To achieve such goal, it is necessary to have a production schema different than the internationally accepted standard, formed by a network of regional laboratories (spread across geographically) that processes the whole blood as soon as it is collected at the slaughterhouses.

The comparison between the international and Trinity Tek’s schemas are shown in the following diagram:

Through our own transports, the blood is collected from each slaughterhouse and delivered to the closest laboratory to be centrifugated and delayed transports of the blood collected are not accepted.

Therefore, At Trinity Tek does not exist a ‘next day’ or ‘next week’ delivery operation of the blood collected daily, but a well-organized system of a very quick daily transportation from each slaughterhouse to the nearest regional laboratory.

Thus, with such schema and philosophy, Trinity Tek can guarantee a consistent offer of Qvalitas Plvs Vltra Fetal Bovine Serum