Processing Highlights

  • All the blood is collected directly from the slaughterhouse by our own technicians; it is not received from the slaughterhouse workers.All the blood is always collected and processed in a sterile closed system.

    The systematic bleeding of the smallest foetuses or youngest fetal age foetuses (which are the ones who are not bleeding currently under the operators of slaughterhouses), since their blood is much richer than the one of the older or bigger foetuses in factors that promote the cellular growth.

    Within the following eight hours of the same day the blood is collected, it is processed until obtaining serum prefiltered sterile at 0.1 microns to achieve a minimum of protein denaturation, and a minimum of endotoxin generation.

    Blends are not performed until the prefiltered serum passes preliminary quality control tests.

    Through a sublot number, the traceability is maintained thorough all the processing steps, until a final lot number.

    After preliminary quality control tests, without having submitted the serum to repetitive routines of thawing-freezing, it is finally blended, filtered sterile at triple 0.1 microns, and filled into square PETG bottles of 500 ml and 125 ml.

    Sterile FBS lots are not released for sell until they pass all final quality control tests.